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  1. LA Cops Tackle Cuffed Woman
  2. Video Shows Cop Kicking Defenseless Man in the Throat
  3. Arkansas Police Release ‘Suicide’ Reenactment Video Of Handcuffed Man Who Shot Himsel
  4. Kelly Thomas Beating Video: Fullerton Homeless Man's Beating Revealed At Pre-Trial
  5. Please Remember the Cops Work for the Citizens
  6. Video Shows Maryland Cop Beating Teenager in Head with Gun
  7. Marvin Booker Homicide
  8. Undercover Police Provocateurs Caught Red Handed in Houston Occupy Protest
  9. Feds: Cop Pulled Over Female Drivers To Look At Their Breasts
  10. NYPD Felony Activity Worse Than The Hoover Communist Witch Hunt
  11. Stolen Motorcycles Vanish From NYPD Auto Crime And Narcotics Division Lot In The Bron
  12. Hostage Escapes Motel Standoff, Gets Shot & Killed By Police
  13. Police Exempt From Red-Light Cameras
  14. Group: Occupy Protester Accused Of Bank Robbery For Holding ‘You’re Being Robbed’ Sig
  15. ‘Cop’ a wheelie: NYPDer took my Benz for joy ride while I was in jail
  16. Corruption charges: Former Romulus Police Chief accused in scheme to use drug forfeit
  17. Tear Down the Stop Signs!
  18. 911 Operator Hangs Up On Girl
  19. Former Cop Of The Year Found Guilty Of Police Brutality
  20. Furor over footage of police shooting
  21. Diabetes is Now A Crime
  22. NYPD SUE! Surge in lawsuits vs. Police Department part of costly trend for the city
  23. Texas Man Arrested For Filming Cop
  24. Miscarriages of Justice ~ Scott Hornoff case ~ Police Incompetence - Part 1 of (3)
  25. Miami Police sergeant faces drug-trafficking trial in secretive federal case Read mo
  26. POLICE BRUTALITY - Cops Torture & Pepper Spray 62 Year Old Man To Death
  27. Police Brutality Deputy Arrested for Beating a Man in Handcuffs
  28. Osborn Machler Announces Settlement in Chris Harris Police Misconduct Case
  29. Jackson police officer indicted on charge of misconduct and theft; suspended without
  30. Cop cant comprehend being questioned contradicts himself
  31. Fired Utah State Trooper Lisa Steed Accused of Falsifying DUI Arrests
  32. Hurst Officer Fired After “Embarrassing” Video
  33. Threatening a police officer gets longer sentence than homicide
  34. Cop Block
  35. Will Grigg on out of control Police
  36. Pro Libertate
  37. Man Charged With DUI Despite Blowing .000 During Breathalyzer Test
  38. Report On Man Who Faces Life Sentence for Recording Cops
  39. Truck driver suing for allegedly being jailed without charges for 17 days
  40. What Cop T-Shirts Tell Us About Police Culture
  41. 15 Year Old Assaulted in Holding Cell, Left Handcuffed For Hours.
  42. Atlanta Police Department email says traffic money to fund future pay raises
  43. New York City Council Overrides Bloomberg's Veto of the Community Safety Act
  44. C.I.A. Report Finds Concerns With Ties to New York Police
  45. Shock Video Shows Police Forcibly Drawing Blood
  46. Get Cuffed for Filming Police; Your Dog Gets Upset; Cop Kills Your Dog [UPDATED]